My Shoot with Liana Haugaard

Hey guys,

Today, instead of going in detail about how I captured some of these shots, I’m just going to share them with you. It’s almost been a month since I’ve given up on posting on my Instagram page, and I must say, it’s been liberating! I’ve done so many photoshoots and I have so much content for my blog, and not having to worry about posting on Instagram has really helped me mentally. I’m enjoying photography more, and stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to my own “style”. I also find myself using more props, which I find really adds to a photo.

I DM’d Liana asking to shoot, and she was surprisingly optimistic! It takes a lot for me to REALLY look forward to a shoot, but she brought so much to the table that I couldn’t help myself. She brought her own ideas, and even more props than I did to the shoot, and I was really able to feed off of her creative energy.

We shot at Discovery Park, one of my favorite locations here in Seattle. It offers numerous beautiful locations, and has the absolute best afternoon light! I’ve been shooting in soft light for so long that I really try to shoot in as much hard light as possible, and the golden hour light we got on this day in particular was absolutely magical!

The photos you’re about to say may just have been my favorite photos I’ve ever taken, really capturing emotion and telling a story through not only the poses, but through Liana’s eyes. I’m honored to have been able to work with her, and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them!