the bahamas

Stephanie Sandiland

Patience is definitely key when it comes to Stephanie Sandiland! I've been working with her since February to get this interview together, but boy did it pay off! Stephanie is a gorgeous 20-something that finds herself surrounded by the beautiful Bahamian waters, and she's really great at capturing the best moments of it. On her Instagram, you'll find her flaunting her flawless body in a Plumeria Swimsuit, usually accompanied by beautiful landscapes of clear blue Bahamian waters. Here's the interview:


Instagram: @stephsandiland

Snapchat: StephSandiland

OTC: What’s your name?

SS: Stephanie Sandiland


OTC: How old are you?

SS: 24 


OTC: What’s your favorite color and why?

SS: I know black isn't a color, so I'll abstain from using it lol. Turquoise I'd have to say. The color water should be!


OTC: What’s your favorite kind of food?

SS: Seafood I'd have to say. Anything that comes from the ocean!


OTC: Where did you get your favorite swimsuit from?

SS: @plumeriaswimwear 



OTC: Are you signed to a modeling agency?

SS: No


OTC: Would you like to be signed to one? And if so, with whom?

SS: I never really looked or tried to go find myself an agency, but I wouldn't be opposed to it. As it is now, I shoot for people who approach me. 


OTC: Where are you from originally?

SS: I was born in Quebec, Canada, and now live in Ottawa.


OTC: How often do you travel to the different islands of The Bahamas?

SS: I get down to the Bahamas twice a year on average. This year I spent a combined time of 2 months down there!


OTC: Are there any islands you haven’t visited yet that you would like to visit in the near future?

SS: In the Bahamas, as of this last trip, I've seen every island! (With the exception of a few small ones). Outside of the Bahamas, I'd love to visit Hawaii!


OTC: What’s your favorite country that you’ve visited?

SS: I love culture shocks, so I'd have to say China, but the Bahamas is of course the closest to my heart. 


OTC: If you could travel anywhere in the world for free, where would be the first place you go?

SS: That is the hardest question I've ever been asked! I'd have to say Egypt or Australia. 


OTC: Describe your dream vacation.

SS: Never a dull moment. I'm not one to lie on a beach or stay at an all inclusive resort. I love exploring and seeing new things. I adore the culture shock and the differences between countries, and wish I could see them all!



OTC: What inspired you to stick with these kinds of photos on Instagram?

SS: Instagram for me is kind of like my picture diary. I post the pictures of the moments I never want to forget and go back to look at them quite often lol!


OTC: Who takes your pictures? Besides for the selfies of course :P

SS: Honestly everyone haha! My best friend @itsbetterinthebahamas is a wicked photographer though!


OTC: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get the perfect shot?

SS: I put a sea urchin on my butt lol! It stabbed me and it hurt pretty bad, but the shots look great! 




OTC: What’s your favorite part about The Bahamas?

SS: The water is the best I've ever seen!


OTC: What’s your favorite Instagram filter?

SS: Umm most of my pictures in The Bahamas don't require a filter haha! It's literally THAT beautiful! But if I do use one, it's usually Lo-Fi or Clarendon


OTC: What’s your photo editing process?

SS: I don't have one lol


OTC: Tell me about your workout routine.

SS: Oh boy. I do hot yoga 6 days a week, kick boxing 3, and try to lift weights every other day. 


OTC: How do you spend your weekends?

SS: I don't drink so I don't go out much. I honestly spend my weekends at the gym and I love it!


OTC: Are you single? If not, who’s the lucky guy?

SS: Single and NOT ready to mingle lol! I'm very content with myself. 


OTC: Describe the perfect first date

SS: I'm not really into dates and haven't really been on any honestly. I know it's outrageous lol! If I HAD to go on a date, I would say the best one would be if the person though of something original and fun. Other than that... Gym date? Lol



OTC: Describe your perfect man.

SS: Kind, Smart, funny. Someone with a free spirit that would match mine. 


OTC: Hot or cold (weather)

SS: Hot, but I would never spend a year without the snow. 


OTC: Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein?

SS: Victoria's Secret, but it also depends on my mood. 


OTC: Netflix or chill?

SS: Netflix. But I read a lot!


OTC: New York or Los Angeles?



OTC: Pizza or Ice Cream?

SS: Pizza


OTC: Snapchat or Instagram?

SS: Instagram 150%!



OTC: H&M or Forever 21?



OTC: Bungee Jumping or Sky Diving?

SS: Sky diving, but choosing sucks! I want both!


OTC: Yachts or Jet Skis?

SS: Yachts with jet skis on them yeah? 


OTC: Mild or Spicy?

SS: Spicy


OTC: Where can people follow you?

Instagram: @stephsandiland

Snapchat: StephSandiland