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Shelby Marin

First things first, my Instagram account just hit 10k followers! I just want to thank all my readers so much for keeping up with me! But now for the real reason you're here, the hot girl:

So there I was, watching one of my favorite YouTubers, when I saw that he spent a day with a gorgeous model. Me, being naturally curious, followed her on Instagram, and fell in love immediately! Shelby has a very outgoing and adventurous attitude, and you can see from her Instagram just how much she's living and loving her life! Read her interview below:

Photo by: Noe Lozano



Instagram: @shelbymarin_x 

Twitter: @Shelbymarin_x

Snapchat: @itzshelby


OTC:  What’s your name?

SM: Shelby Marin


OTC:  Where did you get the name Shelby Marin from?

SM: Shelby was the name of a character from my mom's favorite movie, and Marin is actually my middle name that I use as my last.


OTC:  How old are you?

SM: 19


OTC:  How did you get into modeling?

SM: I was a kid model growing up and quit when i was going through my awkward stage lol, and when I was about 16 I started shooting with local photographers and my manager scouted me.


OTC:  Who takes most of your pictures?

SM: A lot of different photographers, but I shoot a lot with my friend Luigi Costa when I am back home in Florida, I always love working with him!


OTC:  Are you signed to an agency?

SM: Yes, NTA LA, Modern Muse Orlando, and Alexa Models in Tampa.


OTC:  Where are you from originally?

SM: Tampa/Clearwater, Florida


OTC:  What’s the main difference between Florida and SoCal?

SM: Humidity, and water temperature lol


OTC:  Which do you like better?

SM: I like both for different things, they are very similar yet different.


OTC:  What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

SM: Probably just always being in & around the water. I've never lived away from the water and I grew up doing many water and board sports.


OTC:  If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

SM: Probably Hawaii, because who wouldn’t wanna live there?


OTC:  Do you travel a lot?

SM: Yeah! For the average 19 year old I'd say I do. Mainly road trips and small weekend trips like around Florida or California.


OTC:  Which country that you’ve been to is your favorite and why?

SM: Uhh.. That's hard, but probably London. I love the culture and arts there. It's also so different from the tropics that I’m used to.


OTC:  Do you go to school? If so, what are you studying?

SM: No I don’t, I took some time off after I graduated high school. I hope to start soon and pursue education with a focus in science.


OTC:  Which science to you want to pursue education in?

SM: Any science really! I love love LOVE all the sciences, and I'd love to be a science teacher one day, whether it be Biology, Chemistry, or a different science.


OTC:  What has been your favorite photoshoot/campaign so far?

SM: I always love shooting with Surf Outfitter because I’ve become really close with them. Its nice to be able to have fun on set and it takes down the pressure when you are working with people you work with a lot.

Photo by: Fred Love


OTC:  Is having a good connection with the photographer important to you?

SM: Yeah for sure, If I feel uncomfortable with the photographer or they aren’t saying much, then it's kinda awkward and I feel like the pictures won’t turn out as well. But if it's someone I can have fun with and feel confident with then the pictures turn out well.


OTC:  Who is your favorite photographer and why?

SM: I love Jordan Keith’s work I just love his style and how he seems to really connect with the model he’s working with. I would love to work with him one day.


OTC:  Do you have a special ritual you do before or after a photoshoot?

SM: Not really, but I always do squats the night before lol! As if doing them will miraculously work overnight. And after the shoot, I usually eat a lot haha!


OTC:  Have you made any friends in the modeling industry? How do you help each other?

SM: Yeah for sure! One of my best friends and roommates, Callie Cattaneo is a model. We always help encourage each other with eating habits and workouts. We also pretty much do everything together, whether its just driving each other to shoots or castings, or going out together.


OTC:  Do you practice poses or do they just come naturally to you?

SM: At first I honestly practiced in my mirror all the time haha! I still do sometimes, but usually on set it's pretty natural. I feel like when I’m dancing or moving around a lot the poses look more relaxed and fluid. If it's more of a fashion or beauty type shoot, I really focus on posing though.


OTC:  What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get the perfect shot?

SM: Haha I don’t think I’ve done anything “crazy” but I did have to climb a tree in a vintage wedding dress one time. 


OTC:  What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on set?

SM: One time I was coming out of the bathroom on set and I tried to jump over a plant and fell and scraped my knee through my jeans in front of the entire crew. Not super crazy but a very “me” clumsy moment.


OTC:  Who is your favorite model at the moment and why?

SM: I love Taylor Hill, and Rachel Hilbert. I love the young and freshness they have to them. I also think they’d be really fun to be friends with haha! I love how Taylor can go from doing a high fashion runway to Victoria's Secret. 


OTC:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

SM: I honestly have no idea. My life is so random and spastic that I don’t even know where I will be in a few weeks.


OTC:  Professionally, what’s your goal?

SM: I’d love to get a campaign for a larger company, and walk a show during fashion week, but I know I have a lot of work to do, and a long way to go before any of that happens.


OTC:  What kind of music do you listen to?

SM: A lot of like early 2000’s late 90’s punk pop like blink-182 types. I love classic rock also. Rap and hip-hop when I’m going out with friends or just in the mood. And music theatre show tunes haha!

Photo by: Fred Love


OTC:  What’s your favorite song at the moment?

SM: I honestly have no idea. It changes by my mood.


OTC:  Listen to “Into The Sunset - Mako” and tell me what you think

SM: I love it! I love that style of music kinda dance/popish. His voice is really nice too. Very uplifting sound. I could see myself blasting this in my car with the top down and driving to the beach!


OTC:  What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

SM: Roll over and go back to sleep lol! Or if I really have to get up, I usually go outside on to my balcony that always wakes me up.


OTC:  Tell me about your diet and workout routine

SM: My diet could be better I won’t lie. I have a major sweet tooth haha! But for the most part I try to eat as healthy as I can. Right now since I’m home in Florida and don’t have much to do, I work out every day sometimes twice a day. I really am trying to get in better shape because I’ve been slacking.


OTC:  What are 5 things you can’t live without?

SM: my teddy bear, the ocean, my parents, my bed, and probably my phone honestly.


OTC:  What superpower would you have and why?

SM: To be invisible, or teleport. If I could teleport, I could go back and forth between Cali and Florida anytime I want haha! If I was invisible I could sneak around and mess with people or hide when I don’t feel like associating with anyone.


OTC:  Which question do you hate to answer?

SM: “Why don’t you go to school/When are you going to school"


OTC:  What’s your scariest experience?

SM: Getting stranded in the outskirts of Hollywood with a dead phone, barley any money, no car, and alone, at night. I was convinced I would be sleeping in a ditch somewhere on the side of the road. I went into a McDonalds crying my eyes out and ordered chicken nuggets and the guy offered to charge my phone and gave me free chicken nuggets. I then called an uber to get home lol. It wasn’t super “scary” but I really thought I was going to have to sleep outside or something!


OTC:  Are you an early bird, or a night owl?

SM: Night owl! I usually can stay up all night and sleep most of the day if I have nothing to do. I hate mornings.


OTC:  Sun or snow?

SM: Sun


OTC:  Boats or jet skis?

SM: Boats (I grew up a sailor)

Photo by: Fred Love


OTC:  Dresses or skirts?

SM: Dresses cause it's like a cute outfit you don’t have to try to put together.


OTC:  Books or movies?

SM: I like both. They are both a way to escape from reality for a bit.


OTC:  Hugs or kisses?

SM: I like hugs


OTC:  Silver or gold?

SM: Silver


OTC:  Singing or dancing?

SM: Dancing


OTC:  Tattoos or piercings?

SM: Tattoos (I have two)


OTC:  What do you have tattoos of, and where are they?

SM:  I have a dream catcher on the back of my shoulder and a wave on my ankle.


OTC:  Money or fame?

SM: I think both of those come hand in hand. I wouldn’t mind having more money though. (Let's be honest, who wouldn’t)


OTC:  Washing dishes or doing laundry?

SM: Laundry, I hate touching dirty dishes haha!


OTC:  Cooking or eating?

SM: Eating, I can’t cook to save my life.


OTC:  Spicy or mild?

SM: Mild, I'm the world's lamest, and pickiest eater.


OTC:  Grammy or Oscar?

SM: Oscar


OTC:  Long or short hair?

SM: Long


OTC:  Netflix or chill?

SM: Both?

Photo by: Luigi Costa


OTC:  Wine or beer?

SM: Can’t say I'm really a fan of either.


OTC:  What’s your favorite drink?

SM: Can I say diet coke? Lol!


OTC:  Do you go clubbing a lot?

SM: I did at first when I moved to LA cause it was so new and exciting, but now I've kinda settled down.


OTC:  Tell me about your craziest night out

SM: It's way too long to explain lol, but it was my first night in Hollywood and I met Bieber, Post Malone, and Tyler the Creator. It was like a crazy night that only happens in movies haha!


OTC:  What do you do when you’re Off The Clock?

SM: Sleep, play in the ocean, sail, surf, anything outside really, if I’m not sleeping of course haha! (I really really like to sleep)


OTC:  What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

SM: I went to Mexico to swim with whale sharks, and I had a concussion and road rash all over my body from an accident the day before.


OTC:  Have you ever been skinny dipping?

SM: I'm from florida. Of course.


OTC:  So funny story, I actually found you a while ago because you were in one of SimpleSexyStupid’s YouTube videos. What’s the story behind that?

SM: Hahaha, Aryia actually asked me if I wanted to film a blog with him and I agreed. We actually ended up becoming pretty good friends! He even took me to the hospital one night when I was super sick.


OTC:  Are you single?

SM: Aahhh I guess you could say that. There is someone I am very interested in, but as far as technicality goes, yes, I am single unfortunately.


OTC:  Do you have any horror stories of when a guy failed to pick you up?

SM: One guy went to shake my hand and gripped onto it super tight and held on to it for like two minutes and didn’t say anything but just stared at me. I thought he was either reading into my shoulder or was going to kill me... And then the typical random guys trying to grab you and stuff in the clubs or when you’re out, I hate that.


OTC:  What’s the weirdest thing a guy has ever done to try and get your attention?

SM: Uh nothing super weird that I remember. I have had someone ask me on a date over snapchat and then asked me if I could bring a signed poster of myself to said date...


OTC:  What does your dream date night consist of?

SM: Naps together! Lol jk (maybe). Umm I'm not a huge romantic or anything, I like just driving around town and talking, or just being in the presence of the person. I’m not picky.


OTC:  What’s the most important quality of your dream man?

SM: Father qualities. My biggest goal in life is to be a mom and have a family. Obviously I would want to be with someone who will be an amazing father. Also tall, not afraid to be themselves, goofy, and just honest and caring. Preferably does a sport or has a goal in some way. I want to be that wife like on the sidelines screaming and cheering obnoxiously loud for my man, or supporting him in his goals. And likes to cuddle haha!


OTC:  Where can people find you?

Instagram: @shelbymarin_x

Twitter: @Shelbymarin_x

Snapchat: @itzshelby

Photo by: Noe Lozano