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Be My Muse with Sarah Courtney

I was introduced to Sarah Courtney through my collaboration with Rendezvous Magazine. I was in my Uber on the way to Leo Carrillo State Park, and when we finally got there, I noticed an open field that I just HAD to shoot in. We met in the parking lot of the state park and walked under a tunnel to get to the beach. Needless to say, we captured some real magic, and I'm excited to share it with you guys! I hope you enjoy:


Photo by: Off The Clock

OTC: What’s your name?

SC: Sarah Courtney 


OTC: How old are you?

SC: I'm 22 years old


OTC: How long have you been modeling?

SC: I've been modeling for a bit over four years now

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: What inspires you?

SC: One of my biggest inspirations is looking back on the past and seeing change. To a lot of people change can be a scary thing but I view it as progress, milestones on the way to reaching a goal. When I can reflect on my past and see a difference, whether something turned out as planned or otherwise, it inspires me to push forward and to keep striving for more change and improvement. 


OTC: What’s your opinion on Instagram forcing women to censor their nipples?

SC: I think Instagram needs to lighten up on the censoring. The human body is a beautiful thing, it's a piece of art unique to every individual. No one should have to censor or cover up a any portion of it. There are so many talented artists portraying that in the most tasteful manner nowadays. I believe we have outgrown censorship.


OTC: What physical qualities do you look for in a man?

SC: The best qualities in a man are a good sense of humor and enlightened mind. If you can make me laugh and then have an intellectual conversation with me, I'm a happy girl. 

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: What defines a “sexy man” according to you?

SC: A "sexy" man to me is someone who doesn't lack confidence. Sure of themselves but not cocky, it's a tricky little fine line to find!


OTC: Have you ever used a dating app? If so, which ones?

SC: Have never used a dating app of any kind. Actually kind of proud of that! It seems to be the norm today to just swipe left or right.


OTC: Do you like cuddling when you lie in bed?

SC: I do like cuddling. However (lol) when the time comes that I actually fall asleep I don't like to be cuddled, it gets way too hot for me!

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: What do you think you look sexiest in?

SC: I like to keep things simple. I think I look sexiest in a tank top and jeans, hair up in a  bun. Comfort over everything!


OTC: Describe the sexiest clothes you ever wore and why

SC: I made a pretty damn sexy Hooters girl for Halloween a few years ago. Classiest outfit? No. But sexy? Heck yes.


OTC: What do you wear to bed?

SC: Usually a big t-shirt, undies and fuzzy socks. My feet always get cold, can't forget the fuzzy socks.

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: Do you like boxers or briefs?

SC: Definitely briefs.


OTC: What’s your secret move to turn a guy on?

SC: I like to nibble on the ear a little, from past experience it seems to do the trick.


OTC: Have you ever been in a friends with benefits situation?

SC: Never been in a friends with benefits situation. I just don't think the two mix well with one another! Too many complications.

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: Have you ever had two boyfriends at the same time?

SC: Never had two boyfriends at the same time.


OTC: Have you ever made out with someone that you wished you never made out with?

SC: HA! Haven't we all?


OTC: Have you ever kissed a girl before?

SC: I have kissed a girl before. She didn't have cherry chapstick so maybe that's why I didn't like it.

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: Do you like talking dirty?

SC: Honestly I can't say I like talking dirty or being talked dirty to. I'm a fairly goofy person as is, don't need anything happening in the bedroom that could spark my laughter. 


OTC: Tell me about your first kiss

SC: My first kiss was in eighth grade at one of my best friends "parties." We were all watching a scary movie and ended up not watching much of the scary movie at all. 


OTC: Do you think you’re a good kisser?

SC: I would like to think I'm a good kisser! Haven't been told otherwise yet… Let's hope it stays that way.

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: Describe the perfect kiss

SC: Perfect kiss, hmmmm, I'll let you know once it happens.


OTC: What’s the boldest thing you’ve done over texting?

SC: I have never really done anything bold over text. Sent my high-school boyfriend some pictures once upon a time but those have drifted off somewhere, thankfully, along with my awkward years. 


OTC: Where’s the sexiest place for someone to kiss you?

SC: I like to be kissed on the neck. Then down from there.

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: Ever had a one night stand?

SC: Never had a one night stand.


OTC: Have you ever been skinny dipping?

SC: Love skinny dipping! Nothing more freeing than that. 


OTC: Have you ever gone a full day without wearing underwear?

SC: I have definitely gone a full day without underwear. Some clothes just don't work any other way!

Photo by:  Off The Clock

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: Do you like it when men are aggressive and rough, or gentle?

SC: A happy medium would be great. I like to get a little rough now and then, but gentle is always agreeable too.


OTC: Have you ever been in a sex shop?

SC: Never been in a sex shop. Somewhat intrigued to go in one just to poke around.


OTC: Have you ever had/given a lap dance?

SC: I gave the closest thing I ever will to a lap dance in high school on a party bus before a homecoming dance. We've all been there before! 

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: Has someone ever told you they loved you and you didn’t love them back?

SC: I've never been in that situation and hope I never have to be!


OTC: Have you ever felt stupid on a date?

SC: Every first date I've ever been on (LOL).


OTC: Where is your favorite place to go on a date?

SC: The beach.

Photo by: Off The Clock


OTC: Where can someone find you on the weekend?

SC: Outside. Whether it's by the ocean, or up in the mountains, I make it my mission to be outdoors as much as possible every weekend.


OTC: Where is the best place to try to pick you up?

SC: I'm not really exclusive about that, I love meeting new people everywhere. Guess it never hurts if you can buy me a drink though.


OTC: Where is the worst?

SC: Even though I said I'm not exclusive about it… The gym is not the place to pick me up. I go there to sweat and cry my way through my workouts, don't need confirmation that someone was watching me do it! 

Photo by: Off The Clock