Julia Mellor T

Julia is a model that I found randomly while scrolling through Instagram. She's half Bahamian, and half Polish. I chose to interview her because I simply love her style and her look. Her Instagram is filled with gorgeous selfies, and tons of lifestyle photos that make you wish you had her life. Want to hear the best part? She's only 15! Can't wait to see what you have in store for the world, Julia! Here's the interview:


OTC: What’s your name?

J: My name is Julia Tychoniewicz

OTC: How old are you?

J: I'm 15 years old

OTC: How did you get into modeling?

J: Modeling has peeked my interest from a very young age. Combined with my mothers influence, I began to explore the industry. 

OTC: What’s it like living in The Bahamas?

J: Living in the Bahamas is very interesting because the world associates this lifestyle with vacations and luxury, however, there are native people who have struggles just as any other country. It is a breathtakingly beautiful island which will forever be part of who I am. 

OTC: Would you rather be based somewhere else? Like NY or LA?

J: Yes, I would love to be based in NY or LA because of the wide variety of opportunities presented and it would be a fun experience with great contrast to where I am now. 

OTC: What has been your favorite photoshoot/campaign so far?

J: My favorite photoshoot was a recent one done for PINK (Victoria's Secret)

OTC: Is having a good connection with the photographer important to you?

J: A good connection with the photographer is very important to me, it enables strong cooperation on the job, teamwork to create a successful photos, and new connections which are always useful in the modeling industry. 

OTC: Do you have a special ritual you always do before or after a photoshoot?

J: No, I do not have a special ritual I do before or after a shoot. However, I do make sure I am well rested the night before. 

OTC: Have you made any friends in the modeling industry? How do you help each other?

J: Yes, I have made friends in the modeling industry. We help each other by recommending other agencies and comparing jobs we have completed for experience. 

OTC: Do you practice poses or do they just come naturally to you?

J: I don't practice posing for my photoshoots, I find it rather natural to involve myself with the photoshoot's vibe. However, I do take example of other visually pictured campaigns and view the older, experienced women to learn from them.

OTC: Who is your favorite model at the moment?

J: My favorite model remains Doutzen Kroes who I have worked with in the past. 

OTC: How has Instagram contributed to your success?

J: Instagram has contributed to my modeling by allowing me to gain exposure to agencies, and photographers.

OTC: Is there any advice you would give to someone trying to get into the modeling industry?

J: The advice I would give to someone going into an agency: 

Make sure you have a good portfolio and that all of your measurements (height, waist, shoe size, etc.) are taken correctly. Make sure you have time to travel and are motivated/determined to work. Search for an agency which fulfills your needs and requirements.

OTC: What’s the secret to getting and maintaining your killer body?

J: The secret to getting and maintaining your 'killer' body is by exercising and eating healthy/maintaining a lifestyle that's sustainable for you.

OTC: Are you single?

J: Yes, I am single.

OTC: Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein?

J: Victoria's Secret

OTC: Netflix or chill?

J: Chill

OTC: Where can people find you?

J: People can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat. 

Tumblr- www.jahreams.tumblr.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/juliamellort

Snapchat- juliamellor1

Twitter- @jahreams