Savvy Taylor

Two words to describe this beauty: Holy shit. Savvy is just drop dead gorgeous. Her work tends to be very seductive, and she really knows how to use her eyes. It feels as though she's looking at your soul through a photograph, and better yet, she likes it. It's almost like she's flirting with you through her work, and it makes you crave her in the best way possible. I actually found her Instagram in the middle of editing the interview for her best friend, Hannah Rose Masi. Can you imagine seeing both of them together?! #DreamTeam. Check out the interview below:


Instagram: @savvytaylor

Snapchat: savvytaylor

Twitter: @savvytaylor


OTC: What is your name?

ST: Well, my legal name is really long, but I go by Savvy Taylor


OTC: How old are you?

ST: 20!


OTC: How tall are you?

ST: 5”9


OTC: How did you get into modeling?

ST: I had always wanted to model since I was 9. I was obsessed with Kate Moss and my grandfather used to bring me magazines with her editorials in them, and one day I was scouted at work in Arizona. 


OTC: If you didn’t model, what would you be doing instead?

ST: I would be doing the same thing I'm still doing, going to school full time and working hard to get through debt free. 


OTC: Where are you from originally?

ST: Tempe, Arizona


OTC: Do people often assume you’re from somewhere you’re not?

ST: Not so much, I think people assume I'm from Los Angeles because I've always been more like a person from California rather than Arizona. 


OTC: Do you go to school? If so, what are you studying?

ST: Yes, I go to ASU full time and I study pre-med psychology


OTC: Do you travel a lot?

ST: I do travel a lot, I'm always trying to go somewhere. If the opportunity arises, I take it. 


OTC: Where, that you’ve visited, is your favorite country?

ST: My favorite country is Hong Kong by far! The culture, the cityscape, the nightlife, the nature; It's all perfect there. Except the pollution. 


OTC: Where would you love to visit, and what would you do there?

ST: I really would like to see Russia, just because it's my heritage and I'm incredibly interested in discovering more about my family. I would probably go to Moscow and then Siberia. I would also like to see the Tigers before they're extinct and the population is highest in Russia... I think? 


OTC: Describe your dream vacation

ST: Oh my, umm this is a hard one. Probably anywhere on an island. Hawaii is on my top 3 places in the world I love but I could do the Bahamas or Maldives too. I guess I'd also love to go to Egypt and experience one of the 7 wonders of the world. 


OTC: What does “beauty” mean to you?

ST: Beauty. Well, beauty has a lot more to do with how you present your insides on the outsides. I think you can be beautiful without being attractive and I think you can be ugly while being attractive. Beauty comes from your compassion for others, your desire to be helpful, and the way you use your intelligence to better the world. Beauty means being so much more than attractive, it means being deep and real and loving. 


OTC: Do you read all of your Instagram comments?

ST: Lol, yes 100% I do. All my DM requests though? No. 


OTC: Being called “beautiful” or “gorgeous” countless times in one day, does it still hurt reading one mean comment?

ST: Umm, I don't care about hurtful comments as long as they aren't demeaning to women or sexually aggressive. In which I always have something to say about that. 


OTC: What’s your opinion on Instagram forcing women to censor their nipples?

ST: Umm, I think it's kind of ridiculous. I can grasp that Instagram is trying to censor more than Twitter or tumblr, because a much younger audience is on Instagram that shouldn't really be subjected to women's breasts. I do think it should go both ways or no way though, like men should have to put the stupid black dots over their nipples if we have too. 


OTC: Which makeup product couldn’t you live without?

ST: Ahh I've been trying to stay away from makeup completely lately but probably my Nars Concealer to keep my under eye bags hidden from the world


OTC: If you were stuck on an island, which 5 items would you NEED to have with you?

ST: Definitely peanut butter, so much peanut butter. A knife to cut plants and fish and stuff to eat I guess? A game boy advance so I can play Pokemon Gold/Zelda until I lose my mind. I guess last would be a journal and pen, because I'm big into writing and it may help the time pass after my game boy dies. 


OTC: Who is your favorite model and why?

ST: It's always started as Kate Moss. She was my world as a kid looking at the modeling world. Nowadays I love Karlie Kloss and Bella Hadid. Karlie is so intelligent and genuine, plus she's 6"1 so she's crazy long and lanky which is my favorite. Bella breaks barriers with her body in the industry now and I respect it a lot. 


OTC: Who is your favorite photographer and why?

ST: I’m a little biased in my favorite because my boyfriend, Robby Mueller, is a photographer. I don't have a favorite otherwise, every photographer has talent in their own way and I genuinely really appreciate them all. 


OTC: Which photographer would you like to shoot with most and why?

ST: Oh my, this is easy. Bruce Weber 100%. His work has been my favorite forever. He's so talented and catches emotion so well. The photo he took of River Phoenix with his ex gf is probably my favorite picture of all time. I think he can capture something in a photo a lot of other people can't. 


OTC: What’s your favorite song at the moment?

ST: One million lovers - the growlers


OTC: What kind of music do you mostly listen to?

ST: I’m really into alternative style music, like the Arctic Monkeys, Alt-J, Tame Impala, etc. I also really enjoy rap though, I can pretty much sing any Eminem or Kanye West song. I've also been hooked on this artist Nick Leng lately. 


OTC: Have you ever been to a concert?

ST: Oh so many, live music is my favorite. 


OTC: Whose concert would you like to go to?

ST: I would love to see Dr.Dog or The Smiths. 


OTC: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

ST: Roll over, cuddle my cat, and go back to sleep. I'm not much for mornings. 


OTC: What do you think about Pokemon Go?

ST: I think it's amazing, a little frustrating with all the server errors, but amazing. 


OTC: Which Pokemon are you looking forward to catching in Pokemon Go?

ST: Well I just got a Dragonair, but I really want to catch a Vaporeon


OTC: What’s your fav video game ever?

ST: Anything Elder Scrolls or Crash Bandicoot


OTC: Describe your diet and workout routine

ST: Ooh this is a bad question. I'm not a big diet person at all, I eat pretty much whatever I want. My workout routine is my personal trainer and lots of walking. 


OTC: Are you an early bird or a night owl?

ST: Night owl


OTC: Which question do you hate answering?

ST: Do you model?


OTC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

ST: 5 years is far away, but hopefully in medical school or if I change my mind on that happy and doing something good for the world. 


OTC: Professionally, what’s your goal?

ST: Either continue to model and progress to the point where I can work somewhere else in the industry, or become a psychiatrist and start a nonprofit for the homeless in LA


OTC: What advice would you give your younger self?

ST: Even if they don't love you anymore, someone else will. You're worth more than you credit yourself. 


OTC: How do you take the perfect selfie?

ST: Mmm lighting for sure, and face angles. A little to the left in the sunlight - perfect!


OTC: What’s your go-to Snapchat filter?

ST: Probably the new butterfly one or the huge kitten eye one. 


OTC: What do you do when you’re Off The Clock?

ST: I love to play video games, or catch a movie with my best friend, Hannah, or get some dinner with my boyfriend, or maybe go to Bootsy Bellows with my close friends. 


OTC: What’s the story behind how you and your boyfriend met?

ST: We actually met on Twitter! He saw me tweet something clever about Donald trump and I guess it was all love from there. Lol. Thanks Donald trump. But really we ended up shooting together after that and just connected really well. 


OTC: How long have you two been together?

ST: I'm not into giving away all my personal info, but I'll say not as long as you would think we've been together if you see us in person together. 


OTC: What does an average day in the life of Savvy consist of?

ST: Mmm I wake up, feed my animals, probably grab a coffee with Hannah 5/7 days, go to some castings/auditions, drive to downtown, maybe workout if I can see my trainer, watch some Greys Anatomy before bed, take a shower and then read a book till I'm too sleepy for it. 


OTC: Would you rather model swimsuits or lingerie?

ST: Lingerie, I like swimsuits but I don't like sand which always comes with swimsuits in LA. 


OTC: Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein?

ST: Calvin Klein. 


OTC: Do you have any tattoos?

ST: Nope, not a single one. 


OTC: If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

ST: 1. To be able to eat whatever I want and keep my lean body. 2. Happiness and success for myself and my loved ones. 3. The ability to travel wherever I want for free


OTC: Cats or dogs? Why?

ST: I don't have a preference, I really adore them both. Cats are great because they're relaxed and like to cuddle while dogs are great because you can take them out and about. 


OTC: If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would you wear?

ST: A mini black satin dress with some comfy Lace-up heeled sandals.


OTC: Describe your dream man

ST: Tall. Most definitely tall. I hate to sound like I discriminate but I want tall kids. He would be Intelligent, compassionate about something, artistic, understanding, super goofy, like beyond goofy, and family oriented. I love a man who wants to hang out with my little cousins or take my little sister shopping for her prom dress or something like that. Also he has to be able to communicate and have depth, I'm not into shallow people. 


OTC: Describe your perfect first date

ST: Something fun and adventurous, like just walking around Venice until we find a place to eat and then watching the sunset at the beach. 


OTC: Do you have a “worst first date” story?

ST: I don't actually, I don't think I've been on a really bad first date ever? 


OTC: Do you have any cringe-worthy stories of a guy’s failed attempt to pick you up?

ST: I have a million and a half. My favorite is when they grab you by the hand (already disrespecting me by touching me when I don't know them) as you walk by and ask where you’re heading to and I respond with "anywhere away from you". 


OTC: Where’s the best place for a guy to try and pick you up?

ST: Probably no where, I'm not interested in being picked up. I'm much more interested in deciding I want to pick someone up. 


OTC: Where’s the worst?

ST: Pretty much anywhere that is like a club or if I'm at work. At work is the worst because they know you are supposed to be nice and friendly, but trust me, I'm not like that at my job. I will happily refuse service to you if you ask for my phone number at work. 


OTC: Where can people find you?

Instagram: @savvytaylor

Snapchat: savvytaylor

Twitter: @savvytaylor