Julia Geiger

So, funny story. I kinda-almost-sorta-maybe-not really met Julia in Freeport, Bahamas, when I was flown in to shoot a few commercials for a Bahamian company. We actually shot the commercial in her living room. She's one of those girls that make you stop and stare when she walks in the room. I added her on Facebook a while ago, and would occasionally see her post photos of her modeling etc. Recently, I saw her post her first blog post on Facebook, and it clicked that she would be a great addition to my series! Unfortunately, her blog is in German (yes, German), but you can definitely follow her on Instagram for some good, old-fashioned eye candy. Here's the interview:


FacebookJulia Geiger

Instagram: @94juliag



OTC: What’s your name?

JG: Julia Geiger


OTC: How old are you?

JG: 21 (22 in 3 weeks)


OTC: Do you blog?

JG: I just recently began writing blog entries for a Viennese health food delivery service website (fitmeal.at). There’s a few bloggers for this website, and I'm responsible for the stretching and yoga poses :) 


OTC: What is your blog going to be based around?

JG: I can post in any of the topics this website has (healthy recipes, gym exercises, stretching), but my focus is on bodyweight exercises and yoga strengthening poses.


OTC: Do you consider yourself a model?

JG: I do! 


OTC: How did you get into modeling?

JG: My first shooting took place in Freeport. Erik Russel, from Keen i Media, took my first photos. When I moved to Vienna, I decided to go to an agency to see what they thought of me. Sure enough, I was signed immediately, and started working pretty soon after. After about a year and a half, I left the agency for a few different reasons, and became an independent working model - best decision I’ve made yet! 


OTC: Why didn’t you like being signed to an agency?

JG: I knew this question would come haha!

They never paid on time. I sometimes waited more than half a year for the money! Towards the end, they didn’t like that I had gotten too muscular… On top of being too short (I'm ‘only' 5'6), and then not wanting to be bleach blond anymore. They stopped sending me to castings and the only jobs I would get were real garbage… Anyways, I had all of these dance shows so I wasn’t missing the modeling much. The fact that I picked it up again was pure coincidence! 


OTC: Is there any advice you would give to an aspiring model looking to get into the industry?

JG: Go to very popular model agencies, ones that you know! Don’t try to be like a model that's already out there, be you! Make yourself stand out from the rest by being you! Photographers and designers love models with charisma and an outstanding attitude, so do you! Do not starve yourself!!!!!!! If you do not have the figure to be a clothing rack, then do something else. Be a fitness model, or look to go into commercial modeling or do plus size! There’s something out there for everyone! 


OTC: Who takes most of your pictures?

JG: Because I do a lot of workshops with the professional Werner Mokesch, I would say he takes most of my photos.


OTC: Where are you from originally?

JG: Born in Vienna, Austria, raised in Freeport, Bahamas.


OTC: What do you love most about Vienna?

JG: Hands down, the culture! I love the architecture of the city and the music we produce here! So many artists live here because this city inspires them like no other! 


OTC: How many languages do you speak?

JG: I speak German and English like mother language, and I learned French in school 


OTC: What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

JG: Oh man! There’s so many! I don’t even know where to start! I remember everything from the brewing coffee machine at home waking me up in the morning, the smell of the fresh salty air in the spring, spending 8 hours a day in the pool, going out on the boat and snorkeling after my dad when he went spearing for fish, watching mom as she then cleaned the fish on the dock afterwards, and feeding the livers and hearts to my cat!


OTC: If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

JG: There’s so many places I would LOVE to live, but if i had to choose one, I think I would move to Australia or New Zealand! It’s the perfect balance between island-living, with the beach, the warmth, the water, and city living. 


OTC: Do you travel a lot?

JG: I try to, but it’s hard. It’s kinda dangerous traveling alone, as a girl, and I don’t have anyone to travel with yet... But I'm working on it! 


OTC: Which country that you’ve been to is your favorite and why?

JG: I loved Costa Rica! The nature there is beautiful and the food is AMAZING! The people are so easygoing and life-loving. I cried when I had to leave haha!


OTC: Do you go to school? If so, what are you studying?

JG: Yeah, I study Geodesy & Geoinformation at the Technical University of Vienna


OTC: Do you want to focus on modeling/blogging full time?

JG: Na, it's fun to do on the side, but I need to focus on my future. You can only model for so long haha


OTC: Who is your favorite model at the moment and why?

JG: I love all of the Victoria’s Secret models because they’re fit, not just skinny!


OTC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JG: Working in a big company, and making something of myself. 


OTC: Professionally, what’s your goal?

JG: In terms of modeling, dancing or blogging, I don’t have many goals because it’s just a fun hobby, but I can’t wait to finish my masters degree and start building up my career.


OTC: Tell me about the editing process for your Instagram photos

JG: There’s not much of an editing process. Sometimes, if the light is nice and the photo is done professionally, I don’t edit at all (I find it disrespectful). If it’s just a selfie or something I took, then I play around with saturation and brightness a bit haha. 


OTC: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

JG: Turn on the TV to hear the news while I go pee and make breakfast. 


OTC: Tell me about your diet and workout routine

JG: I eat healthy, but not low carb or low fat or anything crazy. I listen to my body and give it what it needs. I eat quite a lot because my body needs the fuel. I do something physical everyday, whether it’s team dance practice, the gym, or just running, biking or hiking outside. I get antsy and grumpy if I don’t move. 


OTC: What are 5 things you can’t live without?

JG: Dancing, working out, sunshine, laughter, and life challenges!


OTC: What superpower would you have and why?

JG: I definitely wouldn’t mind being able to fly! I mean, just think about it - the freedom! 


OTC: What’s your scariest experience?

JG: Being caught in the middle of a fight between 2 guys that were just selling drugs in the subway... Not fun!


OTC: Are you an early bird, or a night owl?

JG: Definitely an early bird! 


OTC: Sun or snow?

JG: Sun


OTC: Boats or jet skis?

JG: Boats


OTC: Dresses or skirts?

JG: Dresses


OTC: Books or movies?

JG: Movies


OTC: Hugs or kisses?

JG: Hugs


OTC: Silver or gold?

JG: Silver


OTC: Singing or dancing?

JG: Dancing (no one ever wants to hear me sing!)


OTC: Tattoos or piercings?

JG: Both, haha!


OTC: Money or fame?

JG: Money


OTC: Washing dishes or doing laundry?

JG: Doing laundry


OTC: Cooking or eating?

JG: Cooking


OTC: Spicy or mild?

JG: Mild


OTC: Grammy or Oscar?

JG: Grammy


OTC: Long or short hair?

JG: Long


OTC: Netflix or chill?

JG: Chill


OTC: Wine or beer?

JG: Wine


OTC: What’s your favorite drink?

JG: Water! 


OTC: Do you go clubbing a lot?

JG: Na, maybe once a month or so


OTC: What’s your favorite shot and why?

JG: Tequila because it doesn’t give me headaches


OTC: Would you ever buy a guy a drink at a club/bar?

JG: Maybe, I mean I would buy every other round we drink. 


OTC: Tell me about your craziest night out

JG: Oh geez... There’s been a few! These guys picked me up in front of my door step once. I was just unlocking the door when they walked towards me and asked me if I wanted to go to a pop up store with them. They were quite good looking so I said yes, promising I would be home soon because I had a model gig the next morning at 5.30! 

We ended up going clubbing until 5.15! I went to the gig straight from the club haha!! 


OTC: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

JG: Backpacking through Italy. 


OTC: Have you ever been skinny dipping?

JG: Of course! I grew up on an island! 


OTC: What do you do when you’re Off The Clock?

JG: Other than being at the gym or studying at home, sometimes an evening must be spent in bed, watching some random show on national TV haha!


OTC: Are you single?

JG: Yep


OTC: What does your dream date night consist of?

JG: Some good food, and then something spontaneous, like going skinny dipping, getting lost in the city, or breaking into a stadium or something :) 


OTC: What is the most important quality of your dream man?

JG: Candor and honesty are definitely must-haves! He has to be as life-loving and athletic as me as well - can’t have anyone pulling me down haha!


OTC: Where can people find you?

FacebookJulia Geiger