Blair Sinnott


Blair in one word: perfect. I found her by stalking some of my favorite models, Lauren Layne & Jessica Buch, who are actually some of her very close friends, but it wasn't long until I really started too appreciate (and fall in love with) her work. She has a very vintage energy in her shots, but it's her vibrant personality that I've fallen in love with. She's down to earth, funny as all hell, and her smile makes my heart melt every time! I feel like I've really gotten to know the real Blair by following her Snapchat, and I'd recommend everyone to go and follow her (@blairs), but enough with the boring stuff, here's the interview:


Snapchat: @blairs

Instagram: @blairsi

Twitter: @blairsii




OTC: What’s your name? 

BB: Blair!


OTC: How old are you? 

BB: 22


OTC: Where are you from originally? 

BB: I was born in Chicago!


OTC: Where are you living right now? 

BB: London <3


OTC: What’s it like living there? 

BB: I'd never been to Europe til last summer, and I fell in love! I can only complain about the rain. 


OTC: What’s your favorite thing about living there? 

BB: The accents ;)


OTC: If you could travel to any destination in the world, free of charge, where would you go and why? 

BB: Sorry, I've got to give you a few answers for this one. Tokyo, Maldives, Peru or Tibet. Because Kawaii in Tokyo, paradise in Maldives, Ayahausca in Peru, and monks in Tibet.


OTC: How did you get into modeling? 

BB: I received a contract to go onto the show, America's Next Top Model, my senior year of high school - after some research and asking for advice, I was advised if I wanted to model for real, the reality show may be shooting myself in the foot - so I went to some agencies, picked one, and jumped on the band wagon of model land.


OTC: What’s your favorite thing about modeling? 

BB: I always get to work with different people, I can easily get a visa and work anywhere around the world basically, and it's creative - I get to express myself.


OTC: What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on set? 

BB: I was on set for D-ID denim, it was a big crew, luckily walking distance from my apartment in Hollywood. A couple hours before we wrapped, something seemed to be in my right eye, and I couldn't see out of it, it was getting worse. The make-up artists tried helping me with eye drops but it didn't do anything. I was trying to remain calm and just get the shoot done, but I was freaking out inside. I thought maybe the flashing cameras really blinded my eye or something. When I got home, (didn't have to drive thankfully) I called my parents bawling, as now I couldn't see out of my right at all and flushing it with water didn't do anything. They took me to the hospital and they could only tell me the good news was I didn't have a detached retina as they suspected. I saw an eye specialist that week and I learned there's this little string attached to the back of your eye that detaches before you're born or during your first year alive, turned out mine never detached til that day - and so I was seeing blood, which naturally gets reabsorbed. So about 3 weeks later my eye was back to normal and I could see again. Very strange.


OTC: Who is your favorite model at the moment and why? 

BB: I have a few. Lauren Layne, Jessica Buch, Brooke Perry, & Priscilla Huggins. Because each of them have unique style and since I know them personally, I think they each express their energy through their photos very well. Plus, they're all gorgeous!




OTC: There are poems under a few of your Instagram posts. Do you write them? 

BB: Yes! I've written all of them. 


OTC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

BB: Gosh, I can't even imagine, really. Five years is a long time!


OTC: Professionally, what’s your goal? 

BB: My goal is to communicate more than "beauty" through modeling, and I'd like to professionally publish something - whether it be a book of poems or a fiction short story. 


OTC: What’s your strongest memory of your childhood? 

BB: I don't have just one, I've got a collage of memories, being barefoot catching frogs, climbing trees, jumping off the swing set onto the trampoline, filling up water balloons, making snow forts with friends and my brothers. Grand ol' time. 


OTC: What advice would you give your younger self? 

BB: I would tell my younger self to do everything with love and confidence. And I would say it begins to matter less that people understand you and matter more that you understand them. 


OTC: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? 

BB: Check the time, drink water, and look outside in hopes for the sun.


OTC: Tell me about your diet and workout routine. 

BB: My diet is always changing, I'm always trying new plans. But overall, I try to eat as many veggies as I can, fruit instead of dessert, I try to avoid processed carbs and I try to drink as much water a day as I can. I workout every day, usually it's a 3 mile run and some ab workouts. 


OTC: What are 5 things you can’t live without? 

BB: Water, sunshine.. hmm.. I really like my avocado toast with a fried egg on top but I'm pretty sure I could live without that. I also really like my face moisturizers but also I could live without that. Animals! I don't think I could live without animals! Humans I could probably live without...


OTC: What superpower would you have and why? 

BB: Healing powers! I would just heal everyone and we'd all be happy and mega healthy!


OTC: Are you an early bird, or a night owl? 

BB: Early bird! Woop!


OTC: What’s your favorite color and why? 

BB: I've always been a big fan of fuchsia, because it's very striking and attractive. 


OTC: What are your tips to taking the perfect selfie? 

BB: Great lighting yo! Get some sun in your iris. Take it after you've showered and moisturized.


OTC: What are you watching right now? 

BB: I'm currently trying to catch up on Game of Thrones. I'm on season 2. 


OTC: Eating or sleeping? 

BB: Sleeping.


OTC: Wine or beer? 

BB: Wine.


OTC: Books or movies? 

BB: Uhmmm... both.


OTC: Instagram or Snapchat? 

BB: Snapchat.


OTC: Boats or Jet skis? 

BB: Jetskis!


OTC: Swimsuits or lingerie? 

BB: Lingerie!




OTC: Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein? 

BB: Calvin klein


OTC: Kisses or hugs? 

BB: Kisses and hugs!


OTC: Singing or dancing? 

BB: Dancing! While singing!


OTC: Tattoos or piercings? 

BB: Piercings!


OTC: Netflix or chill? 

BB: Chill!


OTC: Do you go clubbing a lot? 

BB: I do not, but I club well when I do ;)


OTC: What’s your favorite drink? 

BB: Water taha




OTC: Would you ever buy a guy a drink? 

BB: Probably not, but I'd buy my guy a drink!


OTC: Tell me about your most memorable night out. 

BB: Ibiza 2015. Sweaty dancing. Sunrise. Hot tubs. Smiles. New friends. New lovers. A great view. 


OTC: Are you single? 

BB: No :D


OTC: Where is the best place for a guy to approach you? 

BB: Nowhere really, uninterested in dealing with small chat. In fact, small chat is my least favorite thing ever.


OTC: Where is the worst place? 

BB: At the gym. 


OTC: What tips would you give a guy trying to approach you? 

BB: If you're going to approach a girl, your intention shouldn't be to get her number or anything - it should be to make her smile, something sincere, and be done with it. If they're interested, then they'll definitely clue you in, and that doesn't mean just being nice back.


OTC: Describe your dream man. 

BB: Kind, open minded, passionate, affectionate, happy, confident, silly, courageous, encouraging, supportive, free spirited... Full of ideas and full of love! Strong, warm, interested in things... Philosophical, intelligent, and he's got great values!


OTC: What do you do when you’re Off The Clock? 

BB: I like to write and draw. I'll read while working out on the elliptical. I like to go for runs through nature or just walk. Cooking, creating, stretching, things like that. I'm a bit of a home body. 


OTC: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? 

BB: I love camping! I think that's some true adventure, off in nature, with a fire and a tent. I've been skydiving twice.


OTC: Have you ever been skinny dipping? 

BB: Yes


OTC: Where can people find you?

Snapchat: @blairs

Instagram: @blairsi

Twitter: @blairsii