Be My Muse with Megan Durand

Today, I bless you with the beautiful Megan Durand. Remember when I had my first photoshoot with Mackenzie Chrzanowski? Well, turns out Megan has been friends with her since the 6th grade, so it was really easy to break the ice with her. We've been planning this shoot for about a week or two, and we were both REALLY excited for it. 

We planned to meet at Point Dume at 11AM, and we were both so excited that we got there 30 minutes early. While I was waiting for her to walk to the end of the beach, I spent some time watching the whales that were close to the shore. They were singing so loudly that you can feel the vibrations through the ground. It truly was an amazing experience!

After meeting up, we had to climb a few rocks to get to a beautiful private section of the beach which is where we took all of the shots. When we got to the other side, we were greeted by a huge sea lion that looked like he just wanted to tan in peace. The closer we got to him, he literally started posing for the camera! I had no choice but to take some photos of him before we went our merry way.


I actually gave Megan the opportunity to choose which of my series she wanted to be a part of, and she chose the Be My Muse series, and wow am I glad she did! The photos we took are magical! Enough talking, let's get to the interview!


OTC: What’s your name? 

MD: Megan Durand 


OTC: How old are you? 

MD: 22 


OTC: How long have you been modeling? 

MD: Since I moved to LA last August.  


OTC: What inspires you?  

MD: People with passion. You know when someone is passionate about something because they can just talk about it for hours on end, and they always have a huge ass smile on their face when they do. It's infectious, and pushes me to never settle for less then what I want for myself. 


OTC: What’s your opinion on Instagram forcing women to censor their nipples? 

MD: It's unfortunate because I see so many beautiful and tasteful images that get taken down because of their rule. If a women is secure enough with her body to post it, then let her post it. We already have enough self conscious women in the world, don't make it worse by telling them their body is "inappropriate".  


OTC: What physical qualities do you look for in a man?

MD: I'm a sucker for a man with big lips, and nice arms!  


OTC: What defines a “sexy man” according to you?  

MD: A man who carries himself with confidence, who is open minded,  and respects himself and his family, because if he doesn't he isn't going to respect you. 


OTC: Have you ever used a dating app? If so, which ones?  

MD: Nopee 


OTC: Do you like cuddling when you lie in bed?

MD: Yess, that's the best part of my day when I'm cuddled up in my mans arms watching How I Met Your Mother for the 50th time lol 


OTC: What do you think you look sexiest in? 

MD: A sleep shirt, underwear, and no make up on always makes me feel naturaly sexy. But I can't resist some tights and a black dress! 


OTC: Describe the sexiest clothes you ever wore and why?  

MD: The lingerie I just bought, red lace never fails! 


OTC: What do you wear to bed? 

MD: My boyfriends shirt and underwear. 


OTC: Do you like boxers or briefs? 

MD: Boxers, always boxers.  


OTC: What’s your secret move to turn a guy on? 

MD: That's between him and I (; 


OTC: What turns you on? 

MD: Someone who can talk to me for hours about everything and anything. I love meeting people who's energy just genuinely makes me want to be around them.  


OTC: Have you ever been in a friends with benefits situation?

MD: I'm pretty sure we have all been there done that.  


OTC: Have you ever had two boyfriends at the same time?  

MD: No way, don't be in a relationship if you can't be loyal. 


OTC: Have you ever made out with someone that you wished you never made out with?

MD: Nahh, I obviously wanted to at the time.  


OTC: Have you ever kissed a girl before? 

MD: Yeah, and her lips did taste like cherry chapstick! 


OTC: Do you like talking dirty?

MD: It's cool, but I would rather he show then tell.  


OTC: What is one of your fantasies? 

MD: Having a place in Italy with a deck overlooking the ocean where my boyfriend and I can sit out every morning for breakfast and coffee. 


OTC: Tell me about your first kiss.  

MD: It was in 4th grade, in my "boyfriends" closet. We were playing bingo and he asked if he could kiss me so we hid in the closet and kissed haha.  


OTC: Do you think you’re a good kisser? 

MD: Everyone thinks they're a good kisser, but I would have to say yes.  


OTC: Describe the perfect kiss 

MD: When he kisses you, holding your face with one hand and pulling your waist into him with the other. Can't beat that feeling.  


OTC: What’s the boldest thing you’ve done over texting?

MD: Probably something innapropriate lol.  


OTC: Where’s the sexiest place for someone to kiss you?  

MD: My neck, I just melt. 


OTC: Ever had a one night stand?

MD: Nope! 


OTC: Have you ever been skinny dipping?

MD: A few times.  


OTC: Have you ever gone a full day without wearing underwear? 

MD: Yes, not all outfits are underwear friendly. 


OTC: Do you like it when men are aggressive and rough, or gentle?

MD: Both! I like my man to be aggressively passionate.  


OTC: Has someone ever told you they loved you and you didn’t love them back?

MD: Noo, I wouldn't let it get that far if I didn't feel the same way.  


OTC: Have you ever felt stupid on a date?

MD: No, but dates can have awkward moments. 


OTC: Where is your favorite place to go on a date?

MD: I love active dates, take me hiking, rock climbing, skating. I appreciate the creativity.  


OTC: Where can someone find you on the weekend? 

MD: At the beach if it is nice out, in the kitchen baking watching movies if its crappy out.  


OTC: Where is the best place to try to pick you up?

MD: Nowhere because I am happily taken (: 


OTC: Where is the worst? 

MD: Probably a bar.