Instagram Pod

If you're here, that probably means you're interested in gaining an organic following on Instagram. If this is the case, I have some really good news for you!

Instagram recently changed their algorithm, and it's messing with everyone's engagement in a negative way. Basically, the way Instagram used to work was in a timeline. If I have 500 followers and I just uploaded a photo, it would be on the top of those 500 people's timeline, and if they were online, it would be the first thing they see. If they weren't online at the time you posted it, they'd have to scroll down their timeline to see it.

Now, if I have 500 followers and I upload a photo, it will only show my photo to who it thinks REALLY wants to see it. So if I have a follower that likes all of my posts, it will show my photo at the top of their timeline, and if I have a follower that never looks at my page, it won't show the photo to them at all. Another interesting way this algorithm works is that if your posts are getting a lot of engagement (likes and comments), it will show that post to people it thinks might like it. So if you're lucky and get a lot engagement on a post, Instagram will actually help you get even more engagement.

The interesting thing about this algorithm is that it really works for Instagram account that are just starting out, but it actually hurts long-time Instagram users. Why? If you're just starting on Instagram and someone follows you, this new algorithm will automatically show that person every one of your posts because it thinks they're truly interested in your page. If you already had a following before this algorithm took place, when the algorithm changed, Instagram actually STOPPED showing a number of your followers your posts.

Luckily, I found a way around this! Basically, what you do is get a group of people that are active on Instagram, and create what's called a "pod". A pod is a group of 15 or more people that will engage with each members' posts. The idea is that when one member makes a post, they will send that post to the other members so that they can like, and comment on the post. The comments should be genuine, and it's actually better if all members keep conversations going under the post to add comments. What happens is Instagram sees that this post is getting a lot of attention, and will actually share it with more people, bringing you even more engagement.

I am creating a pod, but I want to make the largest pod ever, giving all members the most possible engagement under EVERY one of their posts. The only thing is that all members will have to be very active on Instagram to make this work.

If you're interested in joining my pod, click the link below:

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